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The Perfect Soundtrack to your special day

Elevate your party

Check out additional a la carte enhancements for your special day. 


Cold sparkler fountains

  • Indoor fireworks

  • Highlight special moments 

  • Height - 6ft-10ft

  • Grand entrance, exit, etc.

2 sparks- $400

Intelligent Lighting Kiss.jpg

moving head Lights

  • Concert Style Moving Spotlights

  • Highlight special moments 

  • Muli-colored lights with 360 Movement 

2 lights- $700


Lighting Tubes

  • Battery-powered Led Lights

  • adds color to grand entrance, dinner & dancing

  • sound activated to go with music

4 lights- $300


Disco ball

  • 24' mounted disco ball

  • one rotation per min

  • pair with advanced lighting


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