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Take your party to the next level

Take2 Events provides the soundtrack to all your celebrations, big or

small! Whether live performers, DJs, or production, Take2 events is

the perfect choice to elevate your parties to the next level!


Cold sparkler fountains

  • Indoor fireworks

  • Highlight special moments 

  • Height - 6ft-10ft

  • Grand entrance, exit, etc.

2 sparks- $400

Intelligent Lighting Kiss.jpg

Intelligent moving heads

  • Concert Style Moving Spotlights

  • Highlight special moments 

  • Muli-colored lights with 360 Movement 

2 lights- $700

Up-lighting Country Club.JPG

Custom colored uplights

  • Multi-Colored UPlighting

  • Illuminate the room with accents

  • Color sync when dancing starts

10 lights- $200

Disco ball

  • 24' mounted disco ball

  • one rotation per min

  • pair with advanced lighting


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